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Island Life

Published on June 11, 2013
How does “Island Life” sound about now?  I often dream of escaping to the clear blue waters of some remote island in the Caribbean, but unfortunately for me the only “Island” I see much of is my  “kitchen island.”  So, for now I am going to talk about transforming your kitchen island to be that […]
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Planting the Summer Garden

Published on May 16, 2013
You should finally be safe to plant your summer garden now in Oklahoma.  With the extended cold temperatures, it has taken a little longer to get plants in the ground than in years past. All of our homes in Belleau Wood, Carrington Lakes, Valencia and the Ranches have perfect backyards to plant a garden in.  […]
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Time to get the yard ready for Spring!

Published on April 9, 2013
Your lawn may look a little sad right now but it certainly doesn't need to stay that way!  Give your grass some attention now and you will see the benefits all summer long. STEP ONE:  Aerate your soil Compacted soil is hard for water, air, and roots to penetrate, and that makes it harder on […]
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New Year's Resolutions

Published on January 4, 2013
As we approach the New Year many of you have made some Resolutions. Listed below are the Top 10 Resolutions according to 1. Spend More Time With Family and Friends 2. Fit in Fitness 3. Tame the Bulge 4. Quit Smoking 5. Enjoy Life More 6. Quit Drinking 7. Get out of Debt 8. Learn […]
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Helpful Tips for Putting up your Christmas Lights

Published on November 29, 2012
Usually right after Thanksgiving, you'll start seeing Christmas lights twinkling on houses and lawns all around your neighborhood.  With the great weather we are expected to have this weekend we are sure this task is on many of your To-Do Lists.  Putting them up can be a pretty big job, especially if you don't really know what you are […]
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Going Trick or Treating?

Published on October 31, 2012
Do you plan on going Trick or Treating Tonight?  If so, stop by our Model Home in Carrington Lakes at 4714 Kensal Rise in Norman.  Ben Bruehl, our New Home Consultant, will be there tonight until 9 passing out candy! Here are a few tips from the CDC that will help make the evening Safe […]
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Are you ready for some football?

Published on August 27, 2012
Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??? It is that time of the year to watch your favorite teams battle it out.  We have some great theatre/bonus rooms that would be perfect to host all those parties. 1.  Decide before what kind of food you are going to have.  It is OK to have everyone bring their favorite snacks.  In fact, it […]
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Olympic Games

Published on August 9, 2012
Let the Olympic Games Begin! As summer is winding down and the kid’s are getting ready to go back to school why not host your own Olympic Games? It’s a great way to bring home what has been on TV for the last several weeks. Here are some ideas we had: Let us know if you […]
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Lawn and Garden Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Published on July 24, 2012
When the thermostat outside is over 90 degrees, most garden plants, lawns, flowers, and veggies can tend to shut down. What is a homeowner to do? Here are some tips we have found that help make our yards in Carrington Lakes, Valencia, The Ranches, and Belleau Wood look their best! After you have worked in the yard […]
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How to Decorate Bookshelves

Published on July 12, 2012
Have you ever walked into someone’s home or business and wondered what were they thinking when they decorated their bookshelves?  A well-decorated shelf is like the perfect icing on the perfect cake.  These are some things we like to consider when decorating our bookshelves:
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