2020 Home Trends: Garden Rooms

Posted on May 6, 2020

One of the big indoor decorating trends of 2020 is a new way to “green” your home’s interior: garden rooms. From plants for aesthetic beauty, flowers for color to herbs and home-grown foods that punch up your cooking, the garden room (or green room) trend offers unlimited possibilities to blend light and nature for a delightful, relaxing and custom designed space.

What is a Garden Room?

garden room featuring floor to ceiling hanging plants and potted plants in shades of green and red

Whether inside your home, attached to your house, or even in an outbuilding such as a shed, a garden room is where nature and creativity combine for beautiful aesthetics in a healthy, lush atmosphere. 

Garden room ideas are brimming with possibility and limitless combinations, no matter how big or small your living space. Think levels and layers, with hanging baskets, unique plant hangers, artistic plant stands and contrasting shapes and sizes to deliver rich, beautiful dimensions. Mix and match green plants and flowers for whimsical charm. 

Tip: Pet owners, be sure to read and understand which plants and flowers are poisonous to animals. Either exclude, or raise them up off the ground with hanging baskets.

To get a better idea, check out this Pinterest board filled with lush, enviable garden rooms. If you’re viewing on desktop, try this neat Pinterest trick: Tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your smartphone screen in the Pinterest app, tap on the camera icon, and scan the pincode below to go directly to the board.

pinterest pincode that leads to a garden rooms pinterest board

You can build your own garden room just about anywhere in your home. Consider whether you want to keep it a private, intimate space such as part of your bedroom, or designate a more heavily trafficked area for enjoyment by everyone in the family and/or visitors to your home. 

Transform an entire existing room, or focus on a corner by strategically adding different sizes and types of plants. Consider repurposing a space such as a Florida room or indoor patio for your garden room. You can even build a dedicated green space onto your home as an addition, or use an outbuilding for your garden room — transforming a “she shed” or “man cave.”

Does a Garden Room Add Value?

garden room featuring comfortable chair, shelving and potted plants

Value is delivered on multiple fronts when you add a garden room to your home.

  • Clean. The right mix of houseplants may improve your indoor air quality, as well as offering a pleasant atmosphere that brightens the spirits. Good health is, of course, of immeasurable value. 
  • Distinctive. If you’re planning to eventually sell, garden rooms can elevate your home from the pack of for-sale signs with a unique space where you feel instantly relaxed, surrounded by natural beauty. If you’re building a home or thinking about remodeling, including a garden room can make your home truly special.
  • Herbal. Don’t stop with just plants and flowers. Think creatively and plant several herbs in a variety of pretty pots (mind your instructions on sunlight and water for long life). This can save you hundreds of dollars a year vs. buying herbs at the grocery store, taking home cooking to the next level.
  • Digestible. With enough space and the right growing conditions (think LED grow lights), you can plant-pot a good variety of fruits and vegetables to create a homegrown food supply — no lawn gardening necessary. Tomatoes, radishes, scallions and microgreens are just a few of the foods conducive to growing indoors.

Garden rooms add value and beauty to any home, and the possibilities for customizing are endless. Consider Zen-style gardens for a super-peaceful atmosphere, add collectibles for distinctive decor, or consider water effects like small fountains or waterfalls for a spa-like feel.  Add animal prints for a jungle or rainforest theme, or create a cooking corner where you can quickly and easily grab fresh herbs to add to any dish. Whatever inspires and delights you for your garden room can be woven into these beautiful, creative and unique spaces. 

If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy your home, consider these steps to get your home ready for spring and summer!

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