How to Decorate Your Patio

Posted on April 1, 2021

The weather is getting warmer, and it’s about to be prime outdoor entertaining season! Is your patio up to the challenge? No matter how big or small your patio is, you can transform it into the perfect space to hang out with your family, host a gathering, or just relax with a good book. Not sure how to decorate your patio? We’ve got some ideas.

Bring the Inside Outside

To make your patio a truly relaxing outdoor space, it needs to feel like a natural extension of your indoor space. When you’re considering how to decorate your outdoor patio, choose furniture that fits your overall aesthetic but is made of weather-resistant materials. By the same token, don’t be afraid to bring out indoor accessories to make it homier.

Light it Up

How will you light your outdoor living space? String lights can be a simple but elegant solution, but if you want to go with more bling, consider a chandelier. Even something as easy as paper lanterns and candles can give your patio the perfect ambiance. Experiment until you find the perfect lighting to suit your style.

Make the Best Use of Your Space

Do you have a small patio? If you like the cozy feel of it, keep your décor small, with a little bistro set for chatting or having an intimate meal. On the other hand, a small patio can easily be expanded, using a pergola or even a folding umbrella to create the appearance of a larger space. If you want to literally extend the floor space, extra pavers will do the trick. If you don’t care about extra space but want to make your patio feel bigger, paint it in a light color and add a mirror.

Make it Cozy

One of the easiest ways to decorate your patio is to layer it with textures, using carpets, cushions, and throws to make it a welcoming space. Large cushions can create additional seating, and if your space lends itself to it, you might even want to consider hanging some curtains.

Bring in Lush Greenery

Make the most of the landscaping around your patio, but don’t hesitate to landscape the patio itself as well. A vertical garden wall, vines climbing over a pergola, or flowers cascading out of containers, whether hanging or placed around the patio, can make your space feel opulent. You might also consider planting trees around your patio, to give it some welcome shade in the heat of summer.

Color it With Your Personality

Do you prefer bright, bold colors and patterns? Consider mixing similar shades in different patterns and textures, for a layered, vibrant look. If you lean more towards minimalism, that can make for a beautiful patio, too. Go for soothing neutrals, with subtle pops of an accent color.

Consider a Water or Fire Feature

A soothing fountain or a fun fire feature can make a relaxing outdoor space even more enjoyable. Find a piece that’s proportional to your patio and you’ll give your guests a lovely focal point.

Think Outside the Box for Seating

A patio table and chair set is fine, but if you have space for it, why not install some better places for lounging. Hang a hammock or even a hanging sofa. Give an old loveseat or daybed new life as part of your outdoor seating.

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