How to Downsize Your Home

Posted on February 26, 2021

Downsizing to a smaller home is a new and unique chapter of your life. No longer are you looking for a home that can accommodate your growing family or ever-accumulating belongings.  

If you’re in the market to downsize, it can be overwhelming as you debate what items to keep and what should be thrown away or donated now that you’ll have less room. Nevertheless, you can approach downsizing easily by following the tips we’ve listed below. 

Downsizing Large Appliances 

Start with large items. Does your new home already have washer and dryer units or just hookups? If it’s just hookups, are your washer and dryer in good condition, or do you need to replace them? The same goes for your refrigerator and dishwasher. 

The cost of moving large appliances should also be considered. If you’re moving out of state, is the rate for moving per pound affordable? On average, moving companies charge $0.50 per pound

Moving Other Large Belongings 

Aside from appliances, think of other large items that you own. Decide if the furniture you own will fit in your new, smaller home. You may need to donate a couch or chair. If you’re moving into a home with fewer bedrooms, you may need to sell or donate a mattress, dresser, or bed frame. 

Measure your furniture and the rooms in your new home to make sure your furniture will be able to fit in your smaller place. When looking at your furniture, think about what pieces you can’t live without instead of what to get rid of. 

If you’re moving a long distance, it may be easier to sell furniture you’re not attached to and buy new pieces that better fit your new space when you arrive. 

Start in Little-Used Spaces 

Starting the downsizing process can be a nightmare for some people. An easy place to begin sorting are places that are rarely used, such as the basement. Little nooks and crannies are easy places to start as you can discover items that you haven’t used in years. Here you can find items that are collecting dust and can easily be donated or thrown out. Other places you can look at first are sheds, garages, spare rooms, and closets. 

Choosing to Keep Everyday Items 

Rooms like the kitchen house items that you use every day. There shouldn’t be many items that you discard from here. Keep your favorite pans, silverware, and small appliances. Remember, think about what items you can’t live without rather than what you can throw away. 

Avoid Renting A Storage Unit If You Can 

Don’t make a separate category for storage when sorting through your possessions. The general theory is, if you don’t use it over an entire year, you don’t need it. This rule allows you to keep seasonal clothes and decorations that you generally use once a year. A storage locker is an additional fee to hold belongings you may not use ever. The monthly fee for a standard storage unit can range from $60 to $180

Sorting Through Sentimental Items 

Letting go of sentimental items is difficult for anyone. These possessions hold emotional and nostalgic value. If you collect particular things, the same can be said about them, too. However, moving to a smaller home means your opportunity to display these items is limited. When going through these items, only keep the special ones — the ones that stand out from the rest.  

Are You Ready to Downsize to a Custom Home?  

Downsizing can be a daunting task. Choosing which possessions are worth keeping versus donating or throwing away can be difficult, especially if your new home is much smaller than your current one. However, by approaching this task with more rationality, it can be much easier. Welcome the new chapter of your life with a renewed sense of joy as you go through items that you may not use anymore. 

If you’re looking to create your dream home, contact us today. Our custom homes are energy efficient and built with the most attention to detail. Make your next house the home of your dreams with Landmark Fine Homes

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