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Posted on April 12, 2017

In a world where companies are generally focused on the bottom line, Landmark Fine Homes has made a conscience decision to give back to the community and help organizations that are trying to make a difference.  During this season at Landmark Fine Homes we are busy focusing on several different organizations.

Meg's Miracles 

Meg's Miracles was founded in the years following the May 20, 2013 tornado that passed through Moore, OK and the surrounding communities. Megan Billingsley Futrell and her four-month old son, Case, passed away on that day but their legacy lives on through this fund. Megan was a special education teacher at a Moore school, Highland West Jr. High, and was extremely passionate about her students. Megan wanted to ensure that each child received the best quality education and through her teaching, that is what they received. This fund strives to continue Meg’s dedication to her students by providing needed resources for students and teachers in Moore.

They are planning an Inaugural Event on April 15th at 5 pm at the Old School Business and Event Center in Moore.  Check out this wonderful organization and find out how you can help.

Relay for Life Moore 

Landmark Fine Homes Relay for Life Moore

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life is a life-changing event that gives everyone in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease.  At Relay, a member of each team is asked to be continually walking or running around a track or path because cancer never rests.  This is a event that Landmark Fine Homes looks forward to participating in each year as we know everyone knows someone that has been impacted by cancer.  Make plans to join our family of employees and homeowners on May 5 starting at 7 pm at the Station at Central Park in Moore.  It will be a wonderful night supporting a great organization.

Food and Shelter Inc. 

Imagine looking out your office window and seeing men, women and children pulling food out of your trash because they are starving.  Imagine families with no place to call home and children who cannot enroll in school because they have no address.  In 1983, these are the things that inspired the Food and Shelter founders to find a solution to homelessness and hunger.  Food and Shelter started as a once-per-week lunch for people who were homeless and has since grown to be a fully operational soup kitchen and shelter program.

For over 30 years, Food and Shelter has been feeding women, children and men who are hungry and housing families in crisis.  Food and Shelter are core components of our services and something the organization believes to be basic human rights of every individual in our community.  They  serve the most indigent residents of our community many of which live on little to no income.

The  food program, funded by United Way of Norman, is second to none in Cleveland County.  Hundreds of women, children and men rely on Food and Shelter for their daily nutrition.  They serve breakfast and lunch 7 days per week to any person who is hungry.  On average they serve 250 meals per day.  In 2015 alone, they served over 100,000 meals.  On top of this, they provide food baskets to hungry families who may have to choose between buying food and paying rent.  Food is a necessity, not a privilege.

The shelter component of Food and Shelter is a multi-faceted program.  They  provide short term, long-term and supportive housing for individuals and families who are homeless.  They own and operate a transitional housing program where families with children can live for up to 2 years with the care and support of a case manager to empower and encourage them to build stronger, healthier families. They provide housing for medically vulnerable, chronically homeless single individuals with the support of a case manager to ensure they maintain stable, healthy lifestyles.  Because they do not have facilities for emergency shelter, they provide families who are homeless emergency placement through motel stays.  The prevention program is a new and unique strategy in tackling homelessness.  By avoiding homelessness, we save our community money and reduce the trauma moms, dads and children experience with homelessness.

Landmark Fine Homes has been given the opportunity to help  expand the campus with a completely new kitchen and dining room, additional office space and 32 beautifully crafted homes for women, children and men who are experiencing homelessness.  The new location will be completed in 2017.

 Check out our website to find out more about Landmark Fine Homes.

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