Norman: OU Football and More

Posted on August 20, 2014

As August approaches talk begins in Norman to center around kids going back to school and how OU football will fare in 2014.  This year is no different, except there is a little more to talk about in Norman.  There is a $171-million-plus list of "quality of life" improvements promoted by  Norman Forward that is calling for a 15-year, half-cent sales tax to be included in a Spring election.  The list of improvements would include:

  • A sports and wellness center that includes an all-sports stadium, a multi purpose arena, 20 tournament- ready baseball and softball fields, multiple practice fields, basketball/volleyball courts, and aquatics center and a senior citizens center.
  • Indoor soccer arena and 20 new soccer fields.
  • New central and east-side libraries
  • Citywide parks improvements
  • Develop 2 large community parks: Ruby Grant Park on the west side and John Saxon Park on the east

So where would these facilities be?

Although there have been no definite locations determined the proposal for the Sports and Wellness Center would be on 160 acres of North Base land, currently owned by the University of Oklahoma.  OU officials have said they would be willing to swap the land for Reaves Park at Jenkins & Constitution.

A series of public hearings will be held in the coming months so residents can weigh in on the proposal.

The project would be completed in 3 phases over the next 6 years.

  • Phase 1- Libraries, aquatics center, baseball complex, development of Ruby Grant Community Park, completion of John Saxon Community Park and enhancement of other parks. $99 million
  • Phase 2- Senior Citizens center, all-sports stadium, the indoor sports arena and improvements to Griffin Park, including new fields and ample parking. $46.5 million
  • Phase 3- Construction of the multipurpose arena and completion or enhancements of more city parks. $26 million

With so much planned and going on in Norman, why not make Norman your home?

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