We have all made mistakes in the past and leaned from them. As a new or existing home owner we can all relate to the little things that can make a difference in a good or bad way. Let’s get to it.

When you walk in your new Landmark Fine Home with keys in hand, typically excitement is at a all time high.  You are in awe of the beauty of every single detail that makes up your new place that you can now call home. There are a few things that normally do not cross your mind in that first step in the door. Here are a few questions many avoid asking during the Home Owner Orientation:

  1. Do I use only water to clean granite countertops? or is there a product that can clean and protect the granite finish?
  2. Do the composite countertops use the same cleaning solution as the granite countertops?
  3. Is the grout in my bathroom or kitchen sealed? If not, what can I use to keep them clean or sealed from dirt?
  4. What can I use to clean the window and not have a streak of white lines on it?
  5. If my new floors are standard tile, wood look tile, wood, engineered wood or any other hard surface material. What solution do I need to clean my floors?

Note: Not all floors are made the same when it comes to finishes. Not all products out in the market work well on some floors.

So many of these answers can be found in your Guide to Home Ownership that you receive when you sign a contract with Landmark Fine Homes.

When we polled our team we asked them "What mistakes have your made in the past?"

Hear what Jerry, our CAD Operator, had to say:

"I lived in a home with wood floors and I wanted them to look shinny like a mirror. I bought a product at Lowes made for wood floors. I took it home and after I used it the floors looked amazing. I was very happy with the finish, so I decided to use the same product on my kitchen tile floors and wood furniture. After it dried, the tile floors and wood furniture looked as good as the wood floors, but after I started walking on the tile floor, ah oh! They started peeling off in patches. I tried franticly to clean them, trying to remove as much as I could, but it was too late! The solution was made for wood floors. It complete damaged the finish on my kitchen tile floors and it all had to be replaced. Costing more money. Now you are asking what about the furniture? Well it was damaged too, with foggy looking patches all over because the furniture had a different finish than the wood floors."

The lesson- If you have questions always ask what is recommended to clean your home and maintain the beauty of it. If you prefer to buy a product on your own, read the label, make sure that what you are using is made for the surface you are going to use it on. If you buy a product and you forget that it is not to be used for a specific surface, then label it. For example, “Use for Wood Floors ONLY”. Jerry would have loved that advice!

"If only I would have known that before using it on my kitchen tile floors"