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It might be the middle of July, but talk is already turning towards, Back to School. With that being said, so many people are in the middle of getting that recently graduated Senior ready to embark on their next adventure, Dorm Life! For some of us, that was a LONG TIME AGO!!

We reached out to our Team who are not as many years away from the "Dorm Life" and asked what were some "Must Haves" that they would recommend.

If you didn't already know it, you can not typically put nails in the walls. Here is a great solution that can handle alot of weight without tearing things up.

Bedding is a big part of making their room feel like home. We want it to be comfortable, durable and easy to maintain. Check out these great finds!

The essentials. What are those things that will make life easier while you are sharing a room and possibly going down the hall to shower?

Organization is key to keeping the room looking acceptable and peace with the room mate! Here are a few ideas along with those things they might need and those things that make their room feel even more like home.

What are some items you have on your list that we haven't included?