Do you have a vision in your head of what you want your bathroom to look like but have no idea how to create it?

Our Design Team has come up with a few "Do's and "Don'ts" to get you started


  1. Find design inspiration (shower wall tile, floor tile, countertops, paint colors)
  2.  Maximize storage
  3. Consider practical plumbing (shower heads, rain can, body sprayers according to size of space)
  4. Have fun with pops of color (deco tile, accent vanities, towels, rugs)
  5. Privacy Please….. A separate toilet compartment in your bathroom


  1. Don’t buy products online without seeing them in person or doing your research on quality
  2. Don’t Overload patterns and colors (you want your space to make a statement without being overwhelming)
  3. Don’t forget about storage in the shower (Add niche or shower shelves to hold your shower essentials)
  4. Don’t Forget adequate lighting for the space (lights over vanities, can light in shower)
  5. Don’t forget about accessibility

Not sure exactly what your style is?  Check out this great article from our friends at Houzz here.

Energy Efficiency is something we are all concerned about.  Who wants to spend their hard-earned dollars on utilities?  We know there are not many people raising theirs hands wanting to do this!

This is a great video that explains a little bit about the HERS Index Score and what it means to you.  All of Landmark Fine Homes are third party tested and given a HERS Score.  Ask any of our New Home Consultants and they can tell you what their Model Homes scored. After watching this video you will understand why this number is so important and if you are in the market for a new home why you will want to know the score of the home you are considering buying!

       Stop by one of our Model Homes today to find out how to get started on your new home!