The reality is all year is Tornado Season in Oklahoma but we begin to talk about them more in March.  As you are thinking about making your plans for this year keep a few things in mind.

If you live in a older home it is not cost effective to make the changes necessary to make your home safer. Stop by one of our Model Homes in Carrington Lakes, The Preserve at Parkside, The Springs at Greenleaf Trails, The Reserve at Valencia or Belleau Wood and ask our New Home Consultants to see "The Five Secrets You Must Know Before You Buy a New Home." The Five Secrets will show you  what sets Landmark Fine Homes apart in our construction and safety features in our homes. 

When you are thinking about building a new home be sure and talk with our New Home Consultants about the options for Storm Shelters. Our customers have chosen every one of these options and have very specific reasons why they have made those choices.  Here are some of the reasons they have told us:

In the garage Lift Top Shelter:

Our Customers love the convenience of being able to walk in the garage and not be in the elements of the storm.  The lift door makes the shelter feel more roomy. Some of our customers did not choose this option because to get in the shelter would require their cars to be in the driveway and risk having hail or other damage.

In the garage Sliding Door Shelter:

This is also a great options for those wanting to stay out of the elements of the storm.  The sliding door was chosen by some because of the ease of opening and shutting the door. The same reasons for not choosing this option as with the in the garage Lift Top Shelter.

Metal Safe Room:

Several of our customer have picked the Metal Safe room to be put in their garage.  This is a great option for those that do not want to go underground.  It is also a great option for those who would have trouble going up and down stairs or those with physical disabilities.  Some have not chosen this because they feel safer underground.

Outdoor Concrete Safe Room:

There have been several customers who do not want to give up any garage space for the Storm Shelter and have opted for the Outdoor Concrete Safe Room.  The reasons for choosing this have been the same as the Metal Safe Room.

Outdoor Underground Storm Shelter:

Several Customers have chosen this based on the fact that they do not want it in the garage because they want to be able to leave the cars protected during a storm but want to be underground.  Things to consider with this option is you might have to be in the elements to get into the shelter during a storm.

If we haven't started we can also put the above-ground shelters inside the home if you know where you would like it. Which kind would you choose?