Testimonial Tuesday

Posted on July 6, 2016

We LOVE to get letters like this!  Landmark Fine Homes has communities throughout the OKC Metro that we develop and build in. We also specialize in building on your own property.  This is the case with this customer.  Check out what they had to say:

I wanted to tell you about our recent building experience with Landmark Fine Homes. I will start at the beginning.  We saved and planned out what we wanted for several years while paying off all our debt, including our acreage before beginning the process.  We shopped around at the Parade of Homes and lots of open houses to get an idea of who we wanted to use for our builder.

That is where we met with Suzzanne.  She showed us around several homes and recommended we look at the website for floor plans we liked.  Then we met with her in many different neighborhoods while we pointed out what we liked and didn't like.  She was very helpful in explaining how Landmark Fine Homes stands apart from other builders.  We liked what we saw in quality and customer service.  Suzanne was very patient with us, never pushing for a contract.  She took several phone calls and answered all our questions.  She met with us to walk us through a few model homes several times.  We told her we wanted everything in writing and she made it happen.  We had heard so many horror stories we tried to do everything right.  She was wonderful!  We decided to sign and she then set us up with Kim Kelley for all the details.

Kim answered so many emails and phone calls that I am sure she was happy when our build was complete.  Again, we wanted everything in writing and wanted to make sure we were getting the best deals.  We wanted to choose everything and not have anything decided for us.  She made sure it happened.  She even found a way to price match tile that I found much cheaper than she could.  She was patient and helpful with suggestions.  She even helped us compromise on paint colors, which I am sure she has to do often.  Kim made a trip out to our house to meet us once because it was more convenient for us.  We felt very comfortable with her.

Then we also had the pleasure of dealing with Tim.  He was amazing!  He answered numerous calls and text, even after hours.  We had a vacation pre-planned before the build and he took time to email and text us pictures while we were gone of the progress.  He offered suggestions on layout and moving walls or features that turned out perfect.  Tim calmed us down when we stressed about the details and timelines.  He helped me pull off a surprise for my husband.  I had a custom painted bass fish tile made to be put on the front of the mailbox.  He picked it up and got it installed then notified me so I could bring my husband over and show him.  Tim also had a suggestion about the front of our island.  It was going to be boring sheetrock, but he asked if we trusted him and wanted to do something to special.  We did and it is awesome!  He had the wood workers put wood in my favorite pattern, chevron, across the front!  We have received numerous compliments on it.  He loves his job and it really showed!  There was a problem with our neighbors well and they tried to blame it on us and our new well.  Tim talked to them calmly and explained it wasn't our fault.  He even offered to have their sinks, toilets, and appliances cleaned from the muddy mess anyways.  It turned out their well had an issue and they had it fixed.  We received an apology, but I don't believe he ever did.  We had problems with our sprinklers on the septic system.  He sent the guys out numerous times.  He texted me to see how it was going.  He didn't like what they were telling me so he just showed up on site.  Their attitudes changed immediately and it was fixed.  The guys showed up a few weeks ago just to check things because Tim told them to.

Even though our build is over and we closed in December, Tim still looks out for us and makes sure we are happy.  Even sending out a trim carpenter today to fix several doors that have swelled due to the humidity, which he had warned us would happen.  He truly goes above and beyond!   Suzzanne, Kim and Tim  truly made our building experience a great one.  We are very impressed with Landmark Fine Homes and their quality.  You take care of your customers and know they could go anywhere else.  Although we hope to never move or build again, we tell everyone we know that we love our house and that if they need a builder they need to choose Landmark Fine Homes.  Not only Landmark, but ask for Suzzanne, Kim & Tim!

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