2020 Home Trends: Audio Rooms

Posted on July 29, 2020

Imagine a room where you can escape all of life’s distractions and just listen. A room where you can sit, breathe, and be embraced by the sounds of your favorite podcast, playlist or album. 

2020’s latest interior design trend, audio rooms, makes all that possible. 

These rooms combine the worlds of music and interior design in a way that maximizes the listener’s enjoyment in their home. Read on to see if you and your space could benefit from one of this year’s biggest home trends.

What’s an Audio Room?

An audio room, or listening room, is a room that’s designed for you to create, listen, and enjoy music in. Essentially, it’s a room or nook that is reserved for all of your ideal listening enjoyment. As many people are searching for ways to increase the value of their homes, audio room setups are gaining popularity. In fact, this unique concept has sparked an increase of searches for “audio rooms” by 803% on Pinterest this year. 

Audio room design isn’t just another fad. They can be a lasting solution to a room with no purpose, adding tangible value to your home. They allow you to step away from all of the distractions in your home like the humming of your refrigerator or the buzzing of your air conditioner. These eclectic rooms are places where you can peacefully appreciate the sounds of jazz or your favorite crooner. When all of your sources of entertainment have run their course, your audio room will allow you to sit back and listen.

These rooms have the potential to add a new talking piece to your home while also allowing you to carve out a special place for yourself. This space can be a place where you let the music and light in.

person playing guitar in their audio room

How to Create Your Own Audio Room

Whether you’re ready to dedicate an entire room or just a small nook, there’s plenty you can do to achieve the audio room of your dreams! Here are a few ways to personalize your audio room setup:

  • Invest in sound equipment that you love. The equipment you choose for your audio room has to have great sound quality and value. Bring in record players, soundbars, speakers or headphones that enhance the quality of your experience.
  • Maximize comfort. Make sure you’re comfortable with the right chairs, poufs, ottomans or rugs. Add pillows or blankets for more coziness!
  • Include scents, textures, or games. To craft the most enjoyable space possible, use things like linen sprays, kinetic sand or puzzles to supply more entertainment and relaxation in your audio room.
  • Add pieces of you. Start by adding pieces of art that you feel best represent your music taste or room style. Pieces like your favorite vinyl covers show off your style while also serving a purpose directly related to your audio room! 
  • Include instruments. For some, an audio room is where the magic happens. Add instruments like drums, guitars or harmonicas to create and jam out to your own tunes.

The possibilities for audio room design are endless. Regardless of the style you choose, your audio room is meant to be a place in your home where you can enjoy yourself. Let relaxation and tranquility guide you as you explore your audio room setup. 

If you’re looking for other unique ways to add value to your space, consider adding a garden room to your home (another 2020 trend!)!

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