Make Your Move to Oklahoma as Easy as Possible

Posted on July 29, 2020

Relocating to a new state is exciting, but it brings with it a unique set of difficulties that you avoid simply moving down the block or across town.

Moving out of state means you’re finding moving companies to make the long haul, figuring out the logistics of towing pets hundreds of miles, eventually filing for new driver’s licenses, applying for updated license plates, possibly switching banks or credit unions — and the list goes on and on.

Plus, if you’re moving to a home in a new state, and constructing that home from the ground up in the meantime, well, that can complicate matters even further. 

Those who’ve worked with Landmark Fine Homes know we not only welcome newcomers to Oklahoma with open arms, but we make building a home from out of state as easy as possible. Homebuyers continuously trust us to get it right, even if they can’t physically be on site to watch their new home take shape.

Read on to see how we keep out-of-state homebuyers in the loop every step of the way during their homebuild.

Constant Communication During the Homebuild

Landmark homebuyer Tom Webber, 77, commended his homebuilder’s consistent availability when recalling his recent move from Kalamazoo, Michigan, to Norman, Oklahoma. Tom, a retired pharmaceutical industry executive, relocated to Oklahoma at the end of 2019 with his wife Janis. 

“A lot of the success of this was just having access to them when you had questions or concerns,” Tom said. “So I would call or text, one or the other, and we did a lot of business like that.”

Landmark professionals consulted with the Webbers on everything from the home style (of which there were eleven options for the Springs at Green Leaf Trails), floor plans and location of the lot before construction kicked off in June 2019. The communication didn’t end there. Landmark took note of every deviation from the original plan, making sure to give the couple a larger window in their back living room, extend Tom’s study out 2 feet and execute other requests.

“The personnel? Fabulous. The quality assurance people? Fantastic,” Tom said. “They’re all very, very helpful. I still go back and forth to them on certain things and they’ve always been readily available to help. I can’t say enough of their followup on that.” 

It’s a homecoming of sorts for the Webbers, who are originally from Oklahoma and moved away in 1976 for Tom’s job. His career took the couple everywhere from California to Kansas to Michigan. The recent move brought them back to a state where many of their family members still reside. 

The two landed in the Springs, one of a handful of Landmark-developed communities geared toward Active Adults like themselves. While the Springs features a community pond, pool, fitness center and walking trails, the couple was particularly attracted to the community’s proximity to medical facilities and the homes’ smaller square footage as they were downsizing.

App Allows Access to Construction Updates

Moving to Norman from out of state meant the Webbers couldn’t physically be on location during the homebuild. However, that’s nothing new for Landmark. The company often encounters this situation, with homeowners moving most frequently to Oklahoma from California, Michigan and Minnesota.

To set homeowners’ minds at ease and keep them clued in every step of the way, they have access to a construction management app powered through Buildertrend. This app provides customers with real-time, 24/7 access to the project and serves as another communication tool between them and the construction team.

Essentially, the app allowed the Webbers to access information in one centralized location and check in on  the build from nearly 1,000 miles away.

“Every day you can look on that app and they can show you what progress has been made,” Tom said. “If they did flatwork, they would take a photo of it and send pictures of that flatwork. Same with cabinets, tile, flooring, drywall, windows, bathrooms and countertops. That was very helpful. 

“We could be with our friends in Kalamazoo and show them, ‘Here’s our house — see the framing?’ The app showed us whenever they did the grading on the lot, the roofing, the whole thing. That was a nice touch.”

Choose an Oklahoma Expert for Your Homebuild

Although the Webbers are no strangers to living in Oklahoma, they knew they wanted homebuilders who take into account all the unique circumstances you encounter in the Sooner State. For the Webbers, that meant having a particular kind of storm room to seek shelter in during inclement weather.

“We fought traffic in California, storms in Kansas City, snowstorms and blizzards in Michigan, and we knew down here in Oklahoma we’d have tornados and hot weather,” Tom said. 

The couple knew they wanted easy access to their shelter, so they consulted with Landmark on a 4-foot-by-6-foot “interior stand-up shelter” located inside a closet or room.

“We actually got the idea from them,” Tom said. “We were thinking about a storm cellar at first, but now they have these steel storm rooms that go inside or under the house or under the garage. Janis can’t do steps well, so we put it in the house right off the utility room so, need be, you just pop right in there.”

The Webbers found everything they needed for their new homebuild with Landmark Fine Homes. Are you also looking to make a move to Oklahoma and need a homebuilder to construct your dream home? Let Landmark make it easy on you. Contact us today to learn more.

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