Create a Reading Nook to Read More in 2021

Posted on December 30, 2020

Reading nooks equipped with a comfy chair and blanket are the perfect way to escape for a while as you turn the pages of your favorite novel. Building a cozy reading nook is just that simple — all you need is a corner of your home and some decorations to get you in the mood to enjoy a good book.

If your goal this coming year is to read more, or even to read a book a month, adding a reading nook will help you relax after a long day and become immersed with your current book. 

We sat down with one of our design selection coordinators, Rylee Flowers,  to talk about ways to design the perfect reading nook for your home.

Make Your Nook Unique

Your nook should reflect you. There’s no incorrect way of designing your space — it’s your space after all. Choose the style, patterns, and colors that’ll relax you as you read. Some may prefer a darker tone as they read a thriller novel. Others may like brighter spaces as they read a classic. Flowers believes the chair is the cornerstone of a perfect reading nook. Finding the perfect seating will help you get consumed in your next book.

Add a Bookshelf to Your Reading Nook

Display your favorite books you’ve read or want to read by adding a bookshelf to your nook Bookshelves are perfect for storing your collection, especially in small spaces. Seeing your “must-reads” displayed in a beautiful fashion can also serve as motivation to finish that book you’re currently on.  When entertaining guests, your novel collection can be a great conversation starter and a way to give and receive book recommendations.

Find the Perfect Lighting For Your Reading Nook

Every reading nook needs some light. Add a decorative lamp or candles to add ambiance to your spot. Create your reading spot next to a large window for natural lighting. There’s nothing better than getting lost in a book with a cup of coffee and warm sunlight. 

All You Need Is a Corner

Your nook doesn’t need too much space. A chair and a lamp will work perfectly. Instead of an empty corner in your home, add a chair or comfy seat. Add a lamp for the perfect lighting and you’re all set. Don’t ignore that empty corner in your bedroom or living room — add a purpose to it!

Flowers believes your reading nook doesn’t actually need to be a nook. You can use any unused corner of your home. Add a cozy chair and a few items that bring your joy to make the space a perfect reading spot.

Create a Reading Nook In Your Next Home

With Landmark Fines Home, you can add a dedicated nook in your next custom home. Speak with one of our designers to create the perfect alcove or corner for reading and we can help you design the perfect reading space. Every person’s style is different, so let us help you make the space you’ve been dreaming of.

Reading nooks are the perfect way to getaway. Find an alcove or corner in your home that’s not being used and decorate it. Find a comfy chair, add some lighting, and make it your own. Combining these elements will create a beautiful and relaxing space for reading and enjoyment.
If a reading nook is on your must-have list for your next home, contact us today. Check out our floor plans to find the perfect spot for reading or view our current homes for sale.

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