Meet the Design and Selections Team

Posted on August 2, 2016

Have you walked into our Model Homes and wondered who was behind the design?  What about being at a friends house that you know has NO design eye yet their home is beautiful and was built by Landmark Fine Homes?

Meet the Team that helps make those ideas into a reality!

Kim Kelley works with all of our customers in designing their homes.  Kim has been with Landmark Fine Homes for 12 years.  She loves being able to see everyone's ideas on style and what is important to them.  "I feel like I learn as much from the customers as they get from me" said Kim.   Kim loves the challenge of taking someone's ideas that they bring in from Pinterest, Houzz, or other designer websites and work to make them fit in their home design.

Amy and Kaitlin Reeves make up our team who design and decorate all the Model and Spec Homes.  They have been designing since Landmark Fine Homes started in 2000.  They both love being able to be creative, try new things and love to see the projects come together.  There is nothing better that to have something start as an idea and see it completed.  "I look everywhere for design ideas.  I might be sitting in a restaurant, a doctors office or a commercial space and I will always notice the ceiling treatments, floor coverings and wall colors.  I love taking one item and designing a room around it.  One of my favorite shows years ago was  Trading Spaces.  I loved how they would be given one object and then were required to design a whole space around it."  Functionality of a room is also critical for this team.  Looking at a room and deciding how the space is going to be used is crucial in making a house into a home.  Kaitlin fills her days with walking jobsite with superintendents and making sure all the details are in place to make the design what it was intended.  She said, "There is nothing better than being in the field and watching the designs become a reality."

This is a team you can trust when you are building your next home.  You don't need to worry about trying to make all the decisions alone.  You will have the Design Team at Landmark Fine Homes to help guide you in creating the home of your dreams.

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