Meet the Landmark Fine Homes Team

Posted on July 26, 2016

In order to be a part of anything truly outstanding  you have to surround yourself with people who consistently raise the bar for you.  The Landmark Fine Homes Team is that type of environment.  Our Mission Statement is "To provide a higher quality of life with homes that meet each family's needs."  We do this by maintaining our Core Values:


Being honest, reliable and accountable


The degree of excellence we provide through our people, processes and systems.


Our customers always deserve our very best so we must have discipline people, thoughts and actions.


Built through respect, empathy, courtesy and responsiveness to our customers, team members and trades.

These are the 2 things that drive our company, our mission statement and core values. In every meeting,  every decision, when we check our quality, when we are interviewing people to join our team.  This is what is always asked and expected of the people that join our team.

Our next blog series will focus on the TEAM at Landmark Fine Homes.  There are many people that are behind the scenes that help make Landmark Fine Homes run.  We will focus on all those areas so you will know when you are building a home with Landmark Fine Homes- these are the people who will help take that dream and make it into a reality.

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