Tips for Landscaping a Newly Built Home

Posted on January 23, 2024

When you choose to build a home, you get to pick the design for the exterior and interior of your new home. Before the home can be built, the lot must be cleared, which means you also must have a clean slate on which to create your landscaping. Do you know how to landscape a new construction home? We’ve got some helpful tips.

Tips for Landscaping Your New Home

  • Start with a plan. Your builder may already have some landscaping in place, but it might not be the final landscape you envision. Don’t feel obligated to keep the starter plants that were put in, or keep the same areas grassy. Take some time to evaluate your wants and needs. What kind of plants do you enjoy? How much hardscaping do you want? Which features will work for your lifestyle? Do you want a patio, fire pit, water feature, or retaining wall? Sketch out your ideas and then do some research to find out what’s realistic.
  • Think about your lifestyle. How big is your family? Do you have pets? How frequently do you have visitors? How do you intend to use your outdoor spaces? All these elements should factor into your landscape design. Consider, too, how much maintenance you prefer to put into your yard. This is important when you’re choosing turf, plants, irrigation, and other aspects of your landscaping.
  • Work with an expert. We could tell you to test your soil and research your growing zone; which kinds of plants are native to your area; the right time to plant a particular kind of grass; and so on, but it’s a better idea to hire an experienced contractor who already has this information. If you’re dreaming big about your landscaping, consider hiring a landscape designer or architect. If it seems simpler than that, find a contractor who has experience working with yards in your area. Working with someone who has experience and knowledge can help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Install electricity before putting in grass. Wiring or power outlets you need to use, as well as sprinkler systems, should be installed before you put in grass or place other elements of your landscaping. That way, you won’t have to disturb anything newly planted when you’re making your property more functional.
  • Work with your unique property. Each property has its own quirks, in terms of slope, sun exposure, necessary soil amendments, grading, and even plumbing, water, electrical, and irrigation lines. Working within the parameters set by your own property and its limitations will make the process go more smoothly and help you achieve the outdoor space you desire.

Your Dream Home, Designed Just for You

Landscaping your new home is just one part of creating the perfect space to build a life and create memories, in the home of your dreams. When you’re ready to build your dream home, Landmark Fine Homes has beautiful new and custom-built homes in a variety of sizes and floorplans, just waiting to become yours. Our homes are not only energy efficient but also built with the utmost attention to detail. Some are located in active adult communities where you’ll find plenty to do. Make your next house the home of your dreams by contacting Landmark Fine Homes today!

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